Sunday, September 26, 2010

More pictures....

And here are some more photos =)

Outside wall/front of the house, 2nd floor, standing right outside of Mattia's french window.
2nd floor hallway... taken from in between our bedroom and Alice's, looking in to Mattia's.
Our bedroom. Mattia is standing in the doorway and the door next to him is where our bathroom will be.
Front door view from the stairs.

Andrea is standing at one of the windows in our bedroom. Pic taken from Alice's room.


Ok so we finally went to the house AND remembered to take the camera =).

Kitchen. This is where the fridge and the pantry is going to go.

Kitchen. Corner of kitchen... the half walls sticking up will be the cabinets.. it is a built in kitchen.

Looking into living room corner from dining room.

Living room as seen from dining room.

Dining room as seen from living room.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Long time posting..

Sorry it has been awhile but things have been busy.
The support poles are out, a new wall is up (new pics of that to come soon) the ventilation pipes are in and as I write this they are putting in the window ledges. If I remember to bring my camera, I will post some pics of all of that stuff this next weekend at the latest.
Since I have no photos yet, Here is a cute video of Mattia to make up for it =)