Sunday, January 30, 2011


The windows are in!!!
I am so happy that I can finally write that the windows are all in! I was not too happy at first when Andrea told me that the windows were white but now that they are in I like them. There is a problem with the top hallway window/door since it is curved... it does not open all the way and hits the wall but they have a solution for that tho I have no idea what it is. The main door came and left again since there was a problem with the frame or something. Whatever the problem, it is a minor one and the door will be in place soon.
Now just the electrician, the plumber, the painter and the tiler have to come and we can move in! I was even able to talk Andrea into getting the painter to do the bathrooms first so that we can get the plumber in to install the sink, etc asap so that we don't have to wait until the painter is done =).
Also thanks to some wonderful friends, I will have some help cleaning up the house before we move in so it will not take very long at all. Thank you guys!

Anyways, that is all until next time..............

One of the windows of our bedroom, seen from where our bed will be.

Window to balcony of Mattia's room.

Front of house. Yes, there is a piece of the balcony missing.. it is out getting redone.

Side of house.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


The windows will be coming in not this week but next week, Tuesday or Wednesday. If they are not in, I will be getting the phone number of the people who are supposed to put them in and will start callling and calling and calling until they do come. =D
Since it is so cold, we have to wait til the windows are put in until we put the flooring down and so they will hopefully be putting that down at the very end of the week next week or Monday of the week after. As soon as the flooring is put in, we can start slowly moving some of the stuff over which will be real nice! =)
At least they are still working on the place tho and doing the sewer system as well as installing the bathtub I think.
So photos will not be here this weekend but the one after.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year, New house... soon.

No photos this time but I hope to be able to put some up this weekend.

The window guys are coming to put in the windows this Thursday (knock on wood), the sewer system will be done tomorrow (Wednesday), the tiles of the basement are finished and all of the heating system and water tanks are in and are doing a great job of taking up every bit of space in the basement. The bathroom sinks, toilets, bidets, bathtub and shower have arrived.
Next week (we hope) we will start putting down the floor tiles of the house. The kitchen counter top (the one that we had fallen in love with... the picture is in a previous post) has been ordered and should be in by the end of the month. Also we went out the other day and ordered all of the inside doors. They are not the nicest, and actually one of the cheapest that we could find but I think that they will still look good.
And this all means that we get to go to my favorite store: Ikea! =) For some strange reason Andrea is not nearly as excited about it as I am. Ok, to say that he is really NOT looking forward to it is more accurate. However this way we get to order the kitchen island/bar and get all of the loose ends, mainly stuff for the kids rooms.

And soon we will be in the house and I won't be tempted to jump from the balcony because of chasing Alice around as she gets at the tv (she won't be able to over there) and undoes the gates (new gates =) ). Also since she will have her own room we can put her to bed whenever and we won't have to wait anymore til Mattia goes to bed before we put her to bed. Oh and forgot to mention that two of us will actually be able to be in the kitchen at once! =) =) =)
Hmmm.... can you tell that I am looking forward to moving?

Well, best be off now... again, I hope to be able to post some picts this weekend or early next week.