Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We are in!

Sorry I have been so late posting this but things have been really chaotic and we just got the internet last night. Finally.
Anyways, we are now in the house, there are still some things to finish up (yard, Alice's room is still a storage room, small odds and ends...) but we are in. We still don't have picts of everything yet but more will come soon.

Here is a pic of part of our yard and the kids playing.

A fairly old pic of the kitchen. Will have to get a more recent picture soon.

Another view of the kitchen.

Dining room

living room

Monday, March 14, 2011

almost there!

well the plumber has almost finished installing everything and Andrea and his brother started putting up the light fixtures. Problem is that many of the lights don't work and so we have to call the electrician and find out why.

Note on the photos- many of these are crooked, the sink, etc are not crooked, it was just a really bad photo since I was in a hurry.

main bathroom: bathtub, toilet and bidet.

main bathroom: sink, toilet and washing machine (still not put in place yet).
The sinks, bidet and toilet are the same for both bathrooms.

our bathroom: shower =)

washing machine. it might seem strange to be so excited about having a washing machine but when you go for years without one, you would understand =).

dryer (still in kitchen, should be brought up today I think)

kitchen: sink and dishwasher are in and now we are trying to find a color for curtains to close off under the counter.

living room: one of the non working lights (we can mold the light legs or whatever in whatever shape we want so it might get changed later on) and the doors to bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. that are waiting to be installed.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Picts and update

Well the cleaning party was canceled and the heat pump still does not work. We will be staying in this apartment for at least another month, if not more.
The good thing tho is that other things have been moving along such as window shutters, dirt for the yard, painting and tiles.

Living room and part of dining room

Kitchen doorway to the dining room

corner of the kitchen... the stove will be at the end of the counter.

Other corner of the kitchen where the pantry and fridge will be.

Some of the shutters have been put up.

Friday, February 25, 2011


The good news is that I have started cleaning out the house and packing some stuff.
The bad news is that some of the bathroom tiles that we had ordered 2 weeks ago still aren't in yet and the heating pump or whatever it is we have does not work. There are some people out there today to take a look at it and some coming out tomorrow afternoon I guess to take a look also but I have a bad feeling about it.
We still are set to have the 'cleaning party' on the 5th but if the heat does not work, we can't move in. So wish us luck!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We're getting there!

More and more is being done everyday now... These picts were as of yesterday morning... the kitchen counter has been put in and they are getting further and further along with the flooring, walls, etc. We also picked out the paint color which they will be doing next week. The ceilings are being done right now.
Bathroom walls and floor. Still to be painted.

Close up of kitchen counter top

Kitchen counter... it is a bit of a mess right now but will get some more picts later when you can actually see all of it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Warning: It is 7am, my mind does not start working til somewhere around noon so I am sorry if this post does not make to much sense. Just try to follow around and enjoy this picts! =)
Went to the house yesterday and found that the main door is in, the flooring in the upstairs is finished (working on the molding thing or whatever that goes around the wall/floor) and needs to be grouted now. Also the wall that will be tiled in our bathroom is almost finished.
A lot of people will be coming this week, painter, tiler, electrician, plumber...... this is one week that I will not be asking Andrea for the exact days that so and so will be coming, what they will be doing, etc.
We also will be meeting with a gardener soon so that we can get an estimate for tearing up all of the ground so that I can re do everything. For right now we are just going to be putting down some more dirt and doing the hole thing in grass.. later on when we get the money to redo the fence and everything, we will put in an actual garden.

The stairs/flooring

Our bathroom wall and floor. The wall will be tiled all the way up but the rest of the walls will be like a cream color so will not be too dark and over all result will be nice =).

Alice's bedroom. As you can see, the molding is done in this room.

The door!!

The front of the door from a distance.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


The windows are in!!!
I am so happy that I can finally write that the windows are all in! I was not too happy at first when Andrea told me that the windows were white but now that they are in I like them. There is a problem with the top hallway window/door since it is curved... it does not open all the way and hits the wall but they have a solution for that tho I have no idea what it is. The main door came and left again since there was a problem with the frame or something. Whatever the problem, it is a minor one and the door will be in place soon.
Now just the electrician, the plumber, the painter and the tiler have to come and we can move in! I was even able to talk Andrea into getting the painter to do the bathrooms first so that we can get the plumber in to install the sink, etc asap so that we don't have to wait until the painter is done =).
Also thanks to some wonderful friends, I will have some help cleaning up the house before we move in so it will not take very long at all. Thank you guys!

Anyways, that is all until next time..............

One of the windows of our bedroom, seen from where our bed will be.

Window to balcony of Mattia's room.

Front of house. Yes, there is a piece of the balcony missing.. it is out getting redone.

Side of house.