Monday, March 14, 2011

almost there!

well the plumber has almost finished installing everything and Andrea and his brother started putting up the light fixtures. Problem is that many of the lights don't work and so we have to call the electrician and find out why.

Note on the photos- many of these are crooked, the sink, etc are not crooked, it was just a really bad photo since I was in a hurry.

main bathroom: bathtub, toilet and bidet.

main bathroom: sink, toilet and washing machine (still not put in place yet).
The sinks, bidet and toilet are the same for both bathrooms.

our bathroom: shower =)

washing machine. it might seem strange to be so excited about having a washing machine but when you go for years without one, you would understand =).

dryer (still in kitchen, should be brought up today I think)

kitchen: sink and dishwasher are in and now we are trying to find a color for curtains to close off under the counter.

living room: one of the non working lights (we can mold the light legs or whatever in whatever shape we want so it might get changed later on) and the doors to bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. that are waiting to be installed.

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