Sunday, January 30, 2011


The windows are in!!!
I am so happy that I can finally write that the windows are all in! I was not too happy at first when Andrea told me that the windows were white but now that they are in I like them. There is a problem with the top hallway window/door since it is curved... it does not open all the way and hits the wall but they have a solution for that tho I have no idea what it is. The main door came and left again since there was a problem with the frame or something. Whatever the problem, it is a minor one and the door will be in place soon.
Now just the electrician, the plumber, the painter and the tiler have to come and we can move in! I was even able to talk Andrea into getting the painter to do the bathrooms first so that we can get the plumber in to install the sink, etc asap so that we don't have to wait until the painter is done =).
Also thanks to some wonderful friends, I will have some help cleaning up the house before we move in so it will not take very long at all. Thank you guys!

Anyways, that is all until next time..............

One of the windows of our bedroom, seen from where our bed will be.

Window to balcony of Mattia's room.

Front of house. Yes, there is a piece of the balcony missing.. it is out getting redone.

Side of house.

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