Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tiles, etc

We went floor shopping last week and found the flooring for the house as well as the mosaic wall tiles for the bathrooms. And then yesterday we went down to pick out our kitchen counter =).
I did not get the name of the tiles for the bathroom so I will have to just wait and get a pic of them when they get here which will be around November.

Anyways, the flooring is by Rex, in their Leaves collection and it is called Nickel. In the photo it is kinda dark, but it is a bit lighter than in the photo. Also since in is porcelain, designed to look like slate, no two tile is the same so that it looks natural.

The counter top is granite and is called 'Brown Cabernet'

*these are not pics that I took,but pics that I found elsewhere on the net.

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