Sunday, November 14, 2010


Well part of the house has been painted (the outside), the wall of our bedroom/closet has been put up and the under roof is almost done (insulation and small wall to block it off so we don't waste heat). The balcony has been partially repared and painted. The rest of it is staying as is since it is way to expensive to do it all.
We had a 'discussion' on if to do a gray 'frame' around the windows on the outside or not (just paint around the windows gray) and I am happy to say that we will not be doing it. It is I guess common on old homes here but I think that number one, it is ugly and number two, if it was a darker yellow (like some of the older homes), it would be one thing but since it is a faint yellow, it would not look good at all (read reason number one).
Anyways, here are the picts =)

Closet wall, on the right will be our bed and you can see the door to the closet just left of the center of the photo. The doorway on the left is the doorway of our room.

The inside of the closet

Outside wall of closet

Paint color

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